EFFEN is a DJ and Electronic Dance Music Producer from Singapore.

He first stormed into Singapore’s nightlife scene in 2004. Since then, his profile has skyrocketed to the masses and he has been active in bringing his high energy mind-bending DJ sets to the dance-floors of some of the best clubs and festivals in the region.

For nearly a decade, EFFEN has been industrious in setting dance- floors on fire. He maintains an open-minded approach towards the wide spectrum of dance music, expanding his knowledge of identifying what works on the dance-floor.

It is this principle that enables him to be comfortable in playing the different roles of a DJ. The opener, the headliner and the closer. EFFEN integrates a new school mentality with principles of the old school and he manages it effortlessly in his 7 hour sets in Avalon. Culmination of nearly a decade of hard work, EFFEN now stands peerless, at the very front of the new wave of Singapore DJs.

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